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Our Mission History

Lovers of the Holy Cross were founded by a French missionary, Bishop Lambert de La Motte, in Viet Nam, in 1670.  Our charism is to direct our mind, heart and life toward Jesus Christ Crucified, and our ministries are in the field of social work, education and health care.  Following the footsteps of our Founder, Bishop Lambert de la Motte, we continue to share the love of Christ with all who are suffering through Mission of Love. The Mission of Love started in the summer 2013 for the purpose of serving the poor in the remote areas in North Viet Nam.  This is our ninth year on this mission and we still have a lot of work to do.

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Lovers of the Holy Cross
Mission of Love
Welcomes You


As visible hands of Christ Crucified, we comfort the poor and alleviate their suffering.



We believe everyone is the image of God and deserves to
be loved and respected.



We seek to improve the lives of the poor.



We serve our brothers and sisters with love.


Transform the world with our love

A Drop of Water

Every bucket, every pond, every river,

and every ocean started with a drop of water.
A single road will open up many paths.
A single roof will shelter many people.
A single well will feed a village.
A single word (education) will change a life.

(By Dr. Hieu Van Ho, MD)



MOL in Progress

Our LHC Mission of Love sisters are on their journey to remote villages to spread the love and good news of Jesus Christ. Please pray for us!

Những Dự Án Đang Thực Hiện
(Ongoing Projects) 

Chúng con xin cảm tạ tấm lòng rộng rãi của quí ân nhân đã bảo trợ cho những dự án đang được thực hiện tại quê nhà.

We would like to thank your generosity in support of our current projects in our homeland

Our Projects

Making A Difference

Scholarships and Childcare

We provide scholarships for poor students, handicapped students and orphans

$340/year for a childcare
$100/year for an elementary school
$200/year for a high school 
$1,000/year for a college

Build Houses and Churches

We build houses to provide them a decent place to live

$3,000 for a house
$250 for a cement floor
$250 for a roof

Build Roads and Bridges

We build cement roads so people can walk and carry their crops home easily

$4,000 for 500 meters

Free Clinic Service 003
Filtration Water and Water Tanks

We build one purified water system for each village

$8,000 for a purified water system for the whole village
$50/1000 liters water tank for a family

Lunch for Children and Elderly

We provide lunch every weekend for children and elderly when they come to the church for mass and catechism

Free Clinic Services

We provide vitamins and medicines, such as Tylenol, diarrhea pills, cough syrup, itching creams, etc.

Warm Blankets in Ha Giang
Plant Farmer.png
Provide Blankets, Jackets and Sandals

Every winter we provide thousands of blankets, warm jackets and shoes for villages.

$12 per blanket

$5 per jacket

$1.50 per a pair of sandals

Emergency Support for
Storms and Pandemic

We provide food for families during the COVID-19 pandemic

Provide Livestock and Seed for Farming

We provide grant money to the farmers to purchase livestock and seeds for their farms.

Our Projects

Meet the Team


Sr. Josefa Ha

Coordinator of Mission of Love

Sr. Josefa oversees all volunteers and is in charge of connecting the leaders of those whom we serve and reviewing projects before accepting to support them.


We all are volunteers. 100% of donation and fundraising will go directly to the projects.
Your donation is tax-deductible.

Mail Check

The check can be made out to:

LHC Mission of Love
10734 S. Widener Ave. 

Whittier, CA 90603

Zelle or Venmo

Donate directly through your mobile bank app with Zelle or Venmo. Simply open the Zelle app, add (714) 204-5891 as the recipient and click “Pay” or scan the QR code above to pay with Venmo

Credit Card

One-time or recurring donations may be made through Paypal. Click the "Donate" button below


"Jesus Christ Crucified is the one and only Object of our minds and hearts"

Bishop Lambert de La Motte


We thank God for our benefactors and their generosity.  Without their love and support, we could not have extended our hands to care for those in need for the past years.  All donations go directly to the projects for the poor. 

Sr. Madeline Nguyen

Sr. Madeline Nguyen

With preferential love for children, the poverty found among the kids captivated me the most. I saw children running around without shoes, their faces covered with layers of dirt mixed with smeared snots... (Read more)


Cam Nguyen

We are like flowers planted in one vast garden field. Though we are each our own individual flowers, there is something—something far beyond our perceived reality—that interconnects each of us to one another... (Read more)


Sr. Faustina Thu Thao Nguyen

Thời gian trôi qua thật mau, mới thoáng đó mà chương trình Sứ Mạng Yêu Thương đã gần tròn 9 năm tuổi. . Mùa Hè năm 2013 là chuyến làm thiện nguyện đầu tiên của các Soeur nơi quê hương Việt Nam. (Read more)

LHC Mission of Love

10734 S. Widener Ave, Whittier, CA 90603

(714) 204-5891

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