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Lunch for Children and Elderly

Every Sunday, kids hailing from various villages gather at the local church. For some, it's a 30-minute to an hour-long trek to attend catechism classes. Our initiative ensures that approximately 670 children are provided with a nourishing lunch. This is crucial as their usual meals at home often consist of just rice and salt.

Simultaneously, we extend our help to the elderly, offering them a nutritious meal once a week. Given that many of them struggle to secure a proper meal independently, this service makes a meaningful impact on their lives.

During 2022, our efforts were concentrated on Giang la Pan and Yen Bai, where we served Sunday lunch to 670 underprivileged children and 150 elderly individuals.

In the following year, 2023, our reach expanded significantly. We were able to provide lunch to 1,208 children and 187 elderly individuals, ensuring that even more vulnerable members of our community receive the sustenance they require.