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Emergency Support for Storms and Pandemic

Almost every year, there are some natural disasters that happen to our people in Vietnam. 

In 2020, there were two hailstorms in Ha Giang, Son La, Hung Hoa.  They took away thousands of roofs.  Mission of Love helped to repair roofs. 


Also in 2020, people in Hue, Quang Tri, and Vinh had to face heavy rain and storms.  Many houses, livestock, and farms were under the water for many days.  Many people lost their crops, livestock, and homes.  Mission of Love provided seeds, young pigs, chicken, ducks, fish, etc., for people to start their lives after the storm.


In 2021 and 2022, the pandemic spreads all over the world.  It hit the poor people in Vietnam severely.  Many people had to be isolated and without food.  MOL provided food for thousands of people during the COVID-19 pandemic time.

In summary, Mission of Love has provided emergency food for 3,590 people during the COVID-19 pandemic time in Saigon, Ho Nai, and Ha Noi.